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100 Days of Writing

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2015-04-17 18.37.40-1

A few months ago I realized there wasn’t a good football blog written by a fan for my alma mater, the Houston Cougars. The feedback and growth of the blog in such a short period of time has been pleasantly surprising.

An Idea Is Born

I’ve been a hardcore fan of the Houston Cougars football team since my freshman year at UH in 2004. Frequently over the years I’ve shared UH news and blog posts on my personal Facebook page, which naturally is limited in scope since it’s private. I’ve always been a bit obsessive with my fandom for the Coogs and football as a whole. I spend countless hours reading about football in my free time. I’m okay with baseball and basketball, but football is an obsession.

In one evening late December of this past year (2014) I started coming across rumors that the head coach of the Cougars football team was going to get fired. I posted that to Facebook and sure enough the next morning he was fired. I then started thinking about it and realized that there really isn’t a good fan blog for the Houston Cougars. We have a local beatwriter covering the team for the Houston Chronicle and occasionally get written about in other local and national publications, but nobody had really done any posts from a fans perspective. I’m by no means a professional journalist, but since I read constantly… everything from books, to articles online, to magazines… I knew that I have enough of a grasp of writing to be a blogger. I also have an insatiable appetite for learning about things. When I get interested in a topic I become obsessive trying to become an expert and wanting to learn every little detail. The Houston Cougars and college football has been one of those topics. Might as well put all of this otherwise useless info to good use!

Since I couldn’t find a good Houston Cougar sports blog out there I decided I needed to start my own. I did some brainstorming about finding a good name and decided on “Cardiac Coogs”. Cardiac Coogs is a nickname people have given the Houston Cougars for having several close games go down to the wire, giving their fans a heart attack or cardiac arrest in the process. I had my idea cemented and then I was off to the races!

Take Off!

When I was starting the blog I was wondering if I’d have enough content on the Houston Cougars football team to write about them during the offseason. I figured I may have a month or two where I scrounge up only one or two blog posts during the dog days of summer before football season kicks off. I had no idea how wrong I was!

Today marks 100 days since I published my first blog post and I’ve already successfully published 88 blog posts in those 100 days. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and a little shocked about how much content is out there about the Cougars. We hired a new head coach, Tom Herman, in January who was the offensive coordinator of the national champion Ohio State Buckeyes. Since the hiring everything has snowballed. Many national media outlets (Fox Sports, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, to name a few) have written extensive articles about the Cougars. It’s all surreal how much momentum the program has now.

The blog has mirrored the football program’s rise since launching in January. I’ve built up a pretty strong following on Twitter (500+ followers) and every month I’ve had more visitors than the previous month:

CardiacCoogs Traffic Jan-April

Very cool! We’ll see how long I can keep those graphs increasing. It’s a very specific hyperlocal website so there’s definitely a ceiling on how high those numbers can climb; but I intend to keep pushing very hard to see how high I can make that ceiling.

Getting Noticed

I’ve submitted things myself to other websites, like Reddit, to help the blog gain traction. But, I think one of my “holy cow” moments was when I posted a blog article to a small subreddit and it got re-posted by another user to a larger subreddit which in turn drove a lot of traffic to the blog. When your users are sharing your content on their own, you know you’re doing something right!

Another “holy cow” moment happened two weeks ago. I shot an email to the some people within the UH athletics department trying to see I could get a media pass to cover the Houston football spring game. To my pleasant surprise, they approved my media credentials and I was able to go in the press box and onto the field during the spring game. That was probably the highlight of my Cougar fandom so far. I was able to get some awesome photos and videos of the spring game, click here and here to view the two different blog posts where I wrote about the spring game. The picture at the top of this blog is my press pass for the spring game.

What The Future Holds

It’s now been 100 days since I published my first blog post and the feedback and results I’ve gotten has been awesome! I finally have turned a passion of mine into something useful that other people enjoy. I plan on writing more and more and I’ve got a few new ideas up my sleeve for the future.

Let this serve as a lesson for others: Don’t feel bad about your hobbies, passions, or obsessions if they don’t immediately make you money. You may find a way in the future to use those passions to bring value to others who share the same interests.

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April 25, 2015 at 1:06 pm

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Finished the Codecademy HTML and CSS course!

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I finished the Codecademy course on HTML and CSS! I’ve known how to write HTML for nearly 8 or 9 years and never got around to advancing my computer knowledge. I was able to finish the course pretty quickly and was able to pick up some basics of CSS.

I’ll probably take some CSS courses from some other sources before moving on to another programming language. But, this was awesome so far to have finished this course!

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April 18, 2015 at 11:48 am

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40 Days!

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This year I decided to give something up for lent. I had never really participated before. I decided I wanted to try giving up something that would be rather hard for me… alcohol.


I never really drank in high school but when I got to college is when I started drinking often. It was never to the point where it became a problem, mostly just social drinking. But, I don’t think I had gone a month without drinking since I went to college in 2004.

I stayed focused and was able to accomplish my goal of abstaining from drinking for the forty days. It was easier than I thought. The most interesting part is how I no longer wake up real late on the weekends. I get up at 6am during the week and not drinking the night before, I’m still able to get up relatively early the next day. I also don’t feel nearly as tired in the morning when I first wake up and I’m able to accomplish a lot more. When you work a lot during the week, the weekends are sacred and I don’t want to sleep through half of it!

After Day 40

I’m still going to occasionally drink socially, but it’ll be a lot less than before. I spend so much time at the gym pushing my body to build strength I don’t want to ruin my efforts.

I’m more focused now on health and fitness and making sure when I’m forty I look thirty and not fifty. Anyone can drink but it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be strong and in good shape.

Back On My Regiment

The song at the top of the post is a good motivator. It’s about cutting out drinking and smoking and pushing the body to the limit at the gym. Stay swole!

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March 21, 2015 at 10:00 am

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A recap of 2014 and looking towards the future

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I haven’t done a recap of my 2014 yet and February is almost over but no is as good as time as any. I’m very proud of myself and what I’ve been able to accomplish. I don’t write this to brag but if it motivates one person to go out there and kick some ass then it’s worth it!

Loving the Bookworm Life

Last year I had a goal to read more books and I was able to finish 29 of them! I read constantly and I’m almost obsessed with learning more about the world and things I know nothing about. Reading is very relaxing and if I didn’t have to work, I’d probably spend the majority of my days reading.

A special thanks to the Houston Public Library and their excellent selection of books.

The Push Towards Fluency

I also wanted to learn as much Spanish as possible. I got started practicing with Duolingo consistently in November 2013 and got hooked and fell in love with studying and seeing incremental improvements. I was able to study for over 350 days during 2014. The progress I’ve made in the Spanish language is monumental compared to when I started. I’m a long way from fluent, but I’m now super motivated to continue my studies.

In the first two months of 2015 I was able to complete the Spanish Duolingo tree and I recently started the reverse tree (English for Spanish speakers) to keep my knowledge fresh.

Another Blog

As 2015 got underway the Houston Cougars football team hired Tom Herman to be the new head coach. I’ve been a rabid Cougar supporter since I came to UH in 2004 and I frequently post many things about the Coogs to my Facebook friends. I soon realized that there aren’t any good Cougar fan blogs out there so I decided to start my own. I named my blog CardiacCoogs.com and I’ve been cranking out posts since then. The new blog is also one of the reasons why my 2014 recap took so long for me to write. It’s fun writing just for fun and for friends and not having any expectations of making money; it’s really liberating.

Looking Forward for the Rest of 2015

For the rest of 2015 one of my biggest goals is to be more consistent at the gym and keep pushing myself physically and mentally. I probably won’t finish 29 books in 2015 due to spending more time weight-lifting, still doing my Spanish lessons, and the new blog, but I’m okay with that. Thank you for reading this far and I’ll leave you with an awesome quote and video from Arnold to keep you motivated:

“When you’re out there partying, horsing around, someone at the same time is working hard, someone is getting smarter and someone is winning, just remember that”

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February 21, 2015 at 11:11 am

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Duolingo Completed!

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Duolingo Trophy 2-17-2015

Hooray! After fifteen months of consistently studying Spanish via Duolingo I finally finished the program! It took a lot of hard work and consistency but it paid off in the end.

Doing Duolingo every day helped me stay focused in other areas of my life: Working out, eating healthy food, and reading lots of books. Turn off your TV and get busy accomplishing your dreams!

More posts about my journey with Duolingo:

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February 14, 2015 at 12:39 pm

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Use Boxifier to sync your iTunes library to Dropbox without moving it

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Source: Boxifier.com

I’m a bit of a music junkie and probably have over 130 gigabytes of music on my hard drive.  I use iTunes to manage my music library and wanted to find a way to backup all of my music to Dropbox without messing up iTunes.

The Problem

Having used iTunes for about eight years I have accumulated dozens of playlists in iTunes.  I want to make sure my songs are backed up to the cloud in case my computer goes kaput, but up until now there hasn’t been any simple solution.  If I were to move my song files from my hard drive to Dropbox, iTunes would no longer recognize where each song in my playlists was located.  I would have to go re-load each song to each playlist one-by-one.  What a nightmare!

Over the past few years I’ve been avoiding moving my music to the cloud and just used an external 1TB hard drive to backup all of my music every few months.  But using the external drives is a pain and you always have to have it with you.

Finding a Solution

Dropbox recently made their storage pricing incredibly inexpensive: 1TB for only $99 per year.  Now I only needed to find some sort of way to move my music over to the cloud without screwing up iTunes.  Doing some research over the past few weeks I found that some people will create symbolic links to accomplish this, but I was able to find an even better solution called Boxifier.

While Dropbox only syncs folders you move directly into your Dropbox, Boxifier allows Dropbox to sync any folder you want without moving it.  Once you download Boxifier, simply right click on the folder you want to sync on your hard drive and Boxifier will start syncing the folder to Dropbox without it having to be moved. Very cool!

After downloading Boxifier I right-clicked on my folder where all of my music is kept and then everything started syncing to Dropbox.

Source: Boxifier.com



Boxifier is very light weight and simple to use.  All of my music is now backed-up in the cloud and now I can also stream music directly from Dropbox.  And best of all, my iTunes library still functions like before and I never had to re-add any songs to my playlists!

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November 30, 2014 at 12:36 pm

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How To Stay Motivated With Duolingo

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After consistently studying Duolingo Spanish since November 2013, I finally was able to reach the 200 consecutive day mark a few weeks ago. Along the way I’ve picked up some good tips and hints to stay motivated, organized, and increase my success rate learning.

Early Frustrations While Studying

After doing my Duolingo lessons for a few months I began to plateau and feel frustrated at the increasing complexity of the lessons. New words were being introduced very fast but I was having a hard time remembering all of them and staying focused and motivated.  I knew that I needed to use some sort of flash card system to keep those new words fresh in my mind and to help me memorize them. I tried using old school index cards like back in high school, but those soon became too numerous and they aren’t exactly convenient for quick and easy travel. There also isn’t a good way to organize them or make quick changes on the fly.  :: cue the dramatic voice-over :: There has to be a better way!

Finding An Awesome Solution

I figured with all of the advances in technology and learning in the past several years there had to be some convenient app that I could use to digitally make flash cards.  I did some research online and tried out a few different study apps before settling on a pretty cool one called StudyBlue.

StudyBlue is awesome because there is a web version, tablet, and mobile allowing me to create flash cards quickly and study whenever is convenient for me. Stuck waiting on someone (like in a doctor’s office)?  I simply whip out my phone and do a quick 20 question quiz to jog my memory. Anytime I come across a new word in my Duolingo lessons I add it to my StudyBlue deck for review later. This has helped me memorize countless vocab words and keep them fresh in my mind. Because I’m reviewing flashcards outside of my Duolingo lessons, it also has helped me stay motivated with the Duolingo lessons and progress faster.

In addition to the awesome level of convenience, StudyBlue also allows you to group your flash cards into separate folders based on different topics.  My folders are based around each section of my Duolingo lessons (ex: adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, etc.).  Any time I come across a new word I don’t know I simply make a flash card of it to review later.  StudyBlue also has quizzes for each folder you make so you can test yourself to he how you’re progressing with your learning.

Don’t Forget a Good Translation App

Another tool I realized I soon needed was a good translation book or app.  Again, I prefer something online for ease of access and Google Translate is one of the most popular ones online. But I soon found Google Translate isn’t as accurate as I want. I remembered using a site called FreeTranslation.com over ten years ago back in high school. Luckily enough, not only is FreeTranslation.com still up and running but it seems far more accurate then Google Translate.

When I’m using Duolingo, often times I’ll type out an answer to a Duolingo lesson and run it through FreeTranslation to see how close I am to the accurate translation. FT has helped me realize where my sentences are very close to being accurate or very far off.


Since incorporating both StudyBlue and FreeTranslations.com into my Duolingo lessons I’ve found myself much more motivated and I’m moving much closer to completing the course.  The flash cards have helped me keep new words Duolingo is throwing at me fresh in my mind.  I’m still a ways off from being fluent but I’m so much further along in my understanding of the language than when I started.


The above tools work for me, but they are by no means the definitive answer to how to stay motivated and succeed at Duolingo.  If you have any suggestions or other ideas leave a comment!  My other posts on trying to learn Spanish via Duolingo are here, here, and here.

Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter… just let me know you found me via this post.  :-)

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November 8, 2014 at 10:52 am

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New Duolingo Record!

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144 Days Duolingo

Yesterday my Duolingo streak reached 144 days, surpassing my previous record of 143 days I had reached back in March.  I was really sick for a week back then so my streak stopped because I was too weak to do my Spanish lessons.  Hard to believe that I was able to build it back up already.  Now I have to keep it going and continue to improve on my skills. :-)


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August 21, 2014 at 6:13 pm

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St. Louis

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2014-07-12 12.52.37

Ok, enough about the Texas side of my family for one moment.  If you, dear reader, didn’t know any better you might not realize that my mom’s entire side of the family is from St. Louis.  My mom was born there and grew up in Webster Groves and my grandparents still live in Clayton.

When I was seven in 1993 my family left Plano, Texas and moved to Springfield, Missouri.  I lived in Springfield until I finished high school when I decided I wanted to live in a larger city.  I looked at colleges in cities all over the country: New York, LA, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis, etc.  Most schools in the cities were out of reach due to their prohibitive costs, such as out of state tuition fees or the schools being private universities.

My father was working in Dallas during my later high school years, commuting back to Springfield on weekends, and eventually I would be granted in-state tuition in the state of Texas.  The deal was sealed!  I would leave Missouri.  For some reason I decided on the University of Houston, mostly due to their low tuition rates, the fact they were in a large city, and that they had relatively modest admission standards (no admissions essay, sign me up!).  UH was the only school I applied to and I was accepted and the rest was history.

I didn’t appreciate living in The Ozarks at the time (what kid does appreciate their hometown?) and eventually going back to visit over the years I began to appreciate my time back there.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized Springfield is just a nice, quiet Midwestern city… the type of town where you enjoy a nice trip to the local diner… most likely Steak N Shake.  I’ve always enjoyed my trips up to St. Louis to see my grandparents and my cousins (before they moved to Delaware).  St. Louis is an incredibly beautiful city and it brings back lots of memories of being a kid, wandering the zoo or the science center, and playing hide-and-go-seek in my grandparents basement.

We went again to visit St. Louis doing the drive from Houston.  Flying gets boring and repetitive.  If I was the time, I prefer to hit the open road and take my time.  Flying is very scripted and choreographed… you can’t pull off the road and look at gaudy tourist crap on the side of the road like you can when it’s just you and you mom and wife on the road.

2014-07-10 20.02.21

The local newspaper in Prior, Oklahoma is called “The Paper” because of course it is!  Also, notice the sub-header says, “Win a bag of burgers in the annual drawing…”.  I mean Holy Toledo!  These people can win a bag of burgers!  Where do I sign up?  Then the main header asks if Prior is one of the worst cities in the state.  I hope the local business community (if there is one) isn’t expecting “The Paper” to inspire any confidence in outside investment.  These are the cute little relics of small town Americana you miss on an airplane.

2014-07-11 12.00.24

No trip through the cross-section of Missouri known as I-44 would’ve been complete without a stop at the World’s Largest Gift Store!  To the left of this building was a convenience store with so much candy I wish I were still nine…. I would’ve been in Heaven much to the dismay of my dentist.

2014-07-11 19.38.19

Every time we make it to St. Louis we have to scarf down the local dishes at our favorite places.  One of the most famous St. Louis foods is the Toasted Ravioli made for us here at The Pasta House.  After a ridiculously long day visiting the Arch we made it down to The Hill for an amazing sandwich at Amighetti’s and then on to desert at Ted Drewes.

Our good friend Jenny from UH who is getting her PhD at Mizzou was driving back to Columbia while we were in St. Louis so we grabbed lunch one day.

With Jenny - St Louis July 14

I also got to grab a beer with my buddy Rex who I worked with at the startup in Cali.  Rex and I both left the startup around the same time, him moving back to St. Louis and Gaby and I back to Houston.

Of course, we couldn’t leave town without going to a White Castle which I haven’t had in nearly 15 years, long before that movie came out.  The little burgers were much better than I expected.

2014-07-15 13.20.41

On the lonely road again back to Texas we had to see the largest rocking chair in the world located off the old Route 66 in Cuba, Missouri.

2014-07-15 14.54.54

Then we stopped in my former hometown of Springfield for an hour to grab a bite.  Oddly enough, that lily-white town in the heart of The Ozarks was where cashew chicken was born (NYTimes article on the history here).  So, we stopped into Lucy’s on Sunshine Road for a bite.

2014-07-15 17.43.52

All in all it was a good trip and I’m glad we had the chance to get away!

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August 2, 2014 at 3:53 pm

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Texas Ranch Life Pt. 2

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Click to read Part 1.

A few years back my photographer brother, Charles, decided to make a photo project containing diptych’s of our family farm in Burkburnett, Texas.  The project contains photos my late grandfather, James Ludeke, took over the years on the farm and photos my brother took in recent years.  The photos with the black borders are the one’s my grandfather took.  The project is called “The Flying Horsemen.”  All photos are copyright Charles Ludeke and the Ludeke family.

Click to embiggen the photos.

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen

The Flying Horsemen



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August 1, 2014 at 3:49 pm

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